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1966 Meyers Manx Dune Buggy. In the 1960s, the fiberglass kit-car craze was taking hold in America. Versatile and cheap, fiberglass was getting easier for average enthusiasts to use, and custom car builders, racers, and hot rodders began turning to it as a viable alternative to sheet metal. Aug 08, 2022 · Meyers Manx 2.0 electric buggy. Evan Klein photo, courtesy of Meyers Manx. If VW won’t, the original will. Meyers Manx, the Southern California company that created the fiberglass-bodied dune buggy in the 1960s, has unveiled an updated all-electric model it says will go on sale in limited numbers in 2024 after 50 models are delivered to select “Beta program” customers for real-world ....

Aug 18, 2022 · So popular was the Manx that it made the August '66 cover of HOT ROD for a "Special section on dune buggies, 4-wheel-drive & home-built cars." Meyers passed away in 2021 at age 94, but his spirit ....

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Dune buggy culture reflects the same story. We're willing to live with a few shapes that hew pretty closely to the original Meyers Manx formula. Given the opportunity, though, the companies that laid up these fiberglass buggy bodies began to lose the plot. They concocted buggies that looked like Porsches and '50 Fords.

- Aug. 9th 2022 3:03 pm PT The Meyers Manx, the iconic 1960s dune buggy, is returning as the new all-electric Meyers Manx 2.0. The original Manx, the first "dune buggy," was a kit car, built on a.

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